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3 In 1 Electric Hair Growth Comb

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This 3-in-1 comb with 28 soft silicone massage contacts promotes blood circulation, helps wake up the scalp and relieves you of a day's fatigue.

Massage your scalp with a vibration frequency of 6000 rmp that helps relax your muscle and relieves fatigue, stimulates cell activity while promoting the absorption of healthy hair nutrition. You can also frequently use the comb to prevent headaches!

The blue light phototherapy helps stimulate hair follicles and controls oil, has anti-inflammatory effects while relaxes and calms the scalp to promote healthier hair.

The red light phototherapy enhances your blood circulation so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to your hair follicles to promote collagen growth and anti hair loss.

Portable to carry! The phototherapy scalp massager comb with built-in battery which is USB rechargeable. It's compact size allows you to carry it around to use anytime anywhere.